8:00 PM at The Bushnell


Innovators in business, media and culture

Danny Meyer Danny Meyer
Ezra Klein Ezra Klein
Anjali Kumar Anjali Kumar
Moderated By Jonathan Capehart
Jonathan Capehart

Join some of today's leading innovators, problem-solvers, and entrepreneurs for a conversation that will challenge us to think BIG and consider new possibilities.

Our exciting panel features "disruptive innovators": people who are changing the way we interact with and experience our world. They will help us consider what's next... from technology and food to journalism and politics...and more! 

The panel of executives have lead businesses like WARBY PARKER (an eyeglass company that has raised expectations for online businesses and purchasing), GOOGLE, VOX.COM (an online journalism platform that uses technology in the service of reporting and storytelling) and SHAKE SHACK (a restaurant that has changed the possibilities of "fast casual" dining).

*How do they anticipate new trends in their industries and in the world around them?
*How do they think outside the box?
*What do they make of disruptions in our politics and culture? 

In today’s political climate, we’d be remiss to discuss “disruptive innovation” without also addressing the broader “disruption” we are experiencing as a community and a nation. 

Just as business disruptors like Facebook, Netflix and Amazon flipped the tables, so to speak, of their respective industries, a new president who challenges the status quo – everything from policy to protocol to Constitutional rights to the very notion of truth - creates “disruption” of a much larger scale. 

So we'll talk about that, too. Together, as a community. With candor and civility.
Join us!