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Connecticut YOUTH Forum

The Connecticut YOUTH Forum

The Connecticut YOUTH Forum’s 2021-2022 year will mainly consist of online, interactive, multi-school meetings. We would love for your students to join the list of schools that are participating this year.

We have found ways to continue connecting, listening to our diverse groups of students and look forward to being creative and responsive.

A community outreach program of The Connecticut Forum that for the past 29 years has been providing unique opportunities for diverse teenagers to connect and engage with each other across geographic, economic, social and racial divides.

The YOUTH Forum is a civil community, established for teens by teens, where curiosity, openness, and acceptance create a safe space for youth to be seen, heard, and validated.

The YOUTH Forum Culture of Validation is at the foundation of all YOUTH Forum activities.

The YOUTH Forum Culture of Validation

In the YOUTH Forum...

1. We value EVERYONE's contribution.

2. We encourage others who are brave enough to speak up.

3. We respect those who choose to listen and not speak.

4. We listen with an open mind and full attention.

5. We ask questions of and respond to each other.

6. We are kind. So, say what you mean, but don't say it mean!

7. We don't put ourselves or others down.

8. We accept ourselves and each other for who we are.

9. We don't gossip. Outside of here, we talk about what was discussed, but we don't use names.

10. We learn from each other and know that learning can happen anytime and anywhere.

11. We connect and have fun!

Learn it. Live it. Pass it on!

Leadership and Enrichment Activities

Each year, more than 500 teenagers from 35 high schools engage in leadership development and enrichment activities that include:

Monthly Meetings, a Leadership Network, an Annual Student Conference, an Annual Children’s Holiday Party and Connecticut Forum theater events.

Fall 2021 Meeting Schedule
Coming Soon