Connecticut YOUTH Forum

The Connecticut YOUTH Forum

A community outreach program of The Connecticut Forum, the Connecticut YOUTH Forum provides unique and powerful opportunities each year for Connecticut high school-aged students to talk, listen, and connect!

Students from across Connecticut come together to connect and engage with each other across geographic, economic, social, and racial divides, and grow as individuals, students, and citizens of the world. ALL ARE WELCOME!

PLEASE NOTE: The CT YOUTH Forum is currently on hiatus for the 2023-2024 school year, however, we currently offer free tickets and behind-the-scenes opportunities for high school and college students on Forum nights. For more information, please call us at 860.509.0909 or email [email protected]. Stay tuned for exciting details to come!

Discussion, Action, Growth, and Exploration

The YOUTH Forum is a civil community, established for teens by teens, where curiosity, openness, and acceptance create a safe space for youth to be seen, heard, and validated.

The YOUTH Forum Culture of Validation is at the foundation of all YOUTH Forum activities.