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Ezra Klein

Journalist, Political Analyst, Founder & Editor of Vox.com - Panelist Blurb

Ezra Klein is founder and editor-in-chief of Vox.com - a site dedicated to explaining the news. Launched in April 2014, Vox has grown at a startling rate: it now receives more than 20 million unique visitors monthly and leads Comscore's politics category. Vox was the first online-only news publication to land an interview with President Obama. 

Klein is also a policy analyst for MSNBC where his commentary focuses on, as he describes it, “domestic and economic policy-making, as well as the political system that’s constantly screwing it up.” 

Prior to starting Vox.com, Klein oversaw The Washington Post’s “Wonkblog” and was a columnist for Bloomberg News. In 2012, GQ named him to their “50 Most Powerful People in Washington” list saying “as proprietor of the Post's ‘Wonkblog’, Klein has become a singular journalistic force” and Esquire named him to their “79 Things We Can All Agree On” list saying “Ezra Klein gives economics columnists a good name.” In 2014, Vanity Fair named him one of the media's "new disrupters."

He likes graphs, appendix tables and he lives in Washington.