What's it like growing up gay in America? What's it like to "come out"? To your parents? Your friends? The entire world? When will "being gay" simply mean "being human"?

When it comes to gay rights and equality, we are experiencing a sea change in public opinion unlike any we have ever seen. In the past two decades alone, cultural attitudes surrounding LGBT issues have dramatically shifted from a place of bias, stigma, and prejudice to one of acceptance and equality. Well, for about 50% of Americans, that is.

So let's talk about it. Love, marriage and relationships. The fight for equality. Don't Ask Don't Tell. The Boy Scouts. What are the personal and political realities of being gay today?

Don't miss our outspoken panel of pioneers, advocates and activists for this live, no-holds-barred, and thoughtful discussion about the real life triumphs and continuing struggles of being gay.