We are living at a time of seismic “disruption” – and definitely not the kind of disruption we imagined for our upcoming CT Forum on March 10.

When we first imagined, DISRUPTION! Innovators in business, media and culture, we were thinking about the business term “disruptive innovation.” Think: Facebook. Netflix. Amazon. We put together an exciting panel of business innovators who could share their expertise and inspire us to think BIG in our work and lives.

Today, we frequently hear the term “disruption” in reference to American politics.

Just as disruptors like Facebook, Netflix and Amazon flipped the tables, so to speak, of their respective industries, a new president who challenges the status quo – everything from policy to protocol to Constitutional rights to the very notion of truth – creates “disruption” of a much larger scale.

So we’re going to talk about it. Together, as a community. With candor and civility.

We’d be remiss to discuss “disruptive innovation” with our inspiring panel without also addressing the broader disruption we are experiencing as a community and a nation.

We hope you’ll join us!