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Tim Robbins

- Panelist Blurb

Tim Robbins is one of the film industry's most versatile and celebrated actors, writers, and directors. He is also an outspoken global activist who has used his platform as a celebrity to encourage others to raise their voices and participate as citizens. His choices of films show a desire to inform, challenge and inspire people to think, take a stand and take action.

In the course of his career Robbins has made his mark as an actor, director and producer, often to critical acclaim. Among the films he has been associated with are Mystic River (for which he won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor); Dead Man Walking (which garnered him an Oscar nomination for Best Director); and Short Cuts (for which he won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor). Other memorable roles include his performances in Shawshank Redemption, The Player, Bull Durham, Jacob's Ladder, Bob Roberts and High Fidelity.

But it is for his political activism that Robbins hopes to make his most lasting contribution to the world, and about which he is most excited. A longtime member of the Green Party, Robbins is a prominent spokesperson for anti-globalization and a vocal opponent of the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq. He is renowned for the passionate commitment he brings to these and other social and political issues, and for galvanizing into action others who share his love of truth, justice and country.

In addition to his Academy Award, Robbins won the Best Actor Award at the Cannes International Film Festival and The Golden Globe Award for Best Performance for The Player. In 2003 Robbins won a Golden Globe Award, a SAG Award, and A Critic's Choice Award for Best Supporting Actor for Mystic River. He was nominated by the Screen Actors Guild for Outstanding Performance for Shawshank Redemption.

As a director Robbins has distinguished himself with Cradle Will Rock, which he also wrote and produced. Dead Man Walking, which he wrote, directed and produced, won multiple awards, including "The Humanitas Award" and four awards at The Berlin Film Festival, as well as an Oscar nomination for Best Director, and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Script.

Robbins lives in New York City with his partner, Susan Sarandon, and is the proud father of 3 mischievous children.

NOTE: Bio is as it appeared in the Forum program from February 8, 2007.