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Sam Donaldson

- Panelist Blurb

Co-Anchor of PrimeTime, an interviewer and panelist on This Week with David Brinkley, a guest host for Nightline and the former ABC News Chief White House Correspondent, Sam Donaldson is one of the most recognized broadcast journalists in the country.

Immediately prior to joining PrimeTime, Donaldson covered the prestigious White House beat for 12 years. He reported on the daily activities of the President and traveled with him on foreign and domestic trips. He was there when John Hinkley attempted to assassinate President Regan in 1981. However, Donaldson gathered most recognition with hard-hitting questions at presidential press-conferences.

Since joining ABC News and its Capitol Hill Correspondent in 1967, Donaldson has reported on numerous major news stories. He covered the Vietnam War from both Washington and Vietnam, the Iranian hostage crisis, Watergate, and most recently, the reported from deep in the war zone during Operation Desert Storm.

The Washington Journalism Review names Donaldson the "best television White House Correspondent in the business" in 1985 and the "best television correspondent in the business" in 1986, 1987 and 1988.

An El Paso, Texas native, Donaldson's autobiography, Hold on, Mr. President, is a blockbuster seller.

NOTE: Bio is as it appeared in the Forum playbill for "Is it News or Entertainment?" on October 15, 1993.