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Rita Braver

CBS News National Correspondent - Panelist Blurb

Rita Braver has been Chief White House Correspondent for CBS News since September 1993. She has covered a wide variety of domestic and foreign issues including foreign policy, health care, crime and presidential appointees. She has also covered presidential summits in both Seattle and Europe.

Braver was previously the Law Correspondent for CBS News. Her beat centered on the Supreme Court, the Justice Department and the FBI. She reported on major Supreme Court cases involving abortion, the death penalty, the right to die and separation of powers as well as on Supreme Court nominees. Braver also covered stories on a number of legal issues including violent crime, drugs, espionage and white collar crime. Braver led CBS News coverage of the Oliver North, John Poindexter, and Marion Barry trials. She also reported extensively on the problems caused by silicone breast implants in women.

Braver has won two national Emmy Awards, including one for investigative reporting. She has also won the Joan Barone Award presented by the Congressional Radio and Television Correspondents Association.

Braver's work has appeared on the "CBS Evening News", "CBS Morning News", "CBS Weekend News", "48 Hours", "Street Stories", and "CBS Special Reports". A "Street Stories" report by Braver on the arrest of Ginger Labensky on drug charges ultimately led to the dropping of the case against Labensky.

Braver previously worked as a producer for the "CBS Evening News", "CBS Morning News" and various special projects. She was also Chief Radio Producer for CBS. She joined the CBS Washington Bureau in 1972, after working for WWL-TV in New Orleans.

Braver is married to Robert Barnett. They have one daughter.

NOTE: This bio appeared in the May 21, 1999 program for our "Integrity and the Media" Forum.