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Richard Perle

- Panelist Blurb

Richard Perle is a Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI). His research areas are defense, intelligence, national security, Europe, Middle East, Russian region.

He has previously served as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy from 1981 to 1987, and on the U.S. Senate staff (1969-1980). He received his M.A. in political science at Princeton University, and his B.A. at the University of Southern California.

Mr. Perle also presently serves as consultant to Department of Defense; Chairman and CEO of Hollinger Digital; and Director of The Jerusalem Post.

Mr. Perle has written articles for the New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Times, U.S. News & World Report, Wall Street Journal, Evening Standard(London), Times Literary Supplement, and Jerusalem Post. He has appeared on television on ABC's Nightline and This Week, CBS's Face the Nation, NBC's Meet the Press and Today Show, and PBS's NewsHour. Mr. Perle also produced PBS's The Gulf Crisis: The Road to War (1992).

Mr. Perle is called upon frequently to advise members of Congress and to testify at congressional policy hearings. He has lectured at many colleges and universities including Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, the University of Chicago, the University of California, Georgetown, Amherst, Dartmouth, Tulane, Rice, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Oxford University.

Mr. Perle is the author of Hard Line (1992), and editor of Reshaping Western Security (1991).

Mr. Perle lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland with his wife Leslie and son Jonathan. He enjoys travel, writing, cooking and classical music.

NOTE: Bio is as it appeared in the Forum program from September 18, 2003.