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Randy Cohen

Humorist, Ethicist, Former New York Times Columnist - Panelist Blurb

Randy Cohen is an Emmy Award-winning writer and humorist. For many years, he wrote the syndicated column The Ethicist for The New York Times Magazine and answered listeners' questions on ethics on National Public Radio's news program, All Things Considered.

Cohen has written humor articles, essays, and stories for numerous newspapers and magazines, including The New Yorker, Harper's, and The Atlantic.

Cohen is the winner of five Emmy Awards for writing for television. He won three Emmys writing for Late Night with David Letterman. His fourth Emmy was for his work on TV Nation. He received a fifth Emmy as a result of a clerical error, and he kept it.

For two years, Cohen wrote and edited News Quiz, a satirical reader-participation feature for the online magazine Slate. He is also the author of several books, including The Good, the Bad & the Difference: How to Tell Right from Wrong in Everyday Situations.

In 2009, Cohen moderated The Connecticut Forum "It's Satire!" featuring panelists Jason Alexander, Samantha Bee, and David Javerbaum.