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Ralph Reed

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Ralph Reed is a Republican political strategist, social conservative, former Director of the Christian Coalition, best-selling author, TV commentator, lobbyist, and columnist. Reed has had an enormous influence on public debate, political campaigns, and grassroots organizing over the past two decades.

Reed has worked on seven presidential campaigns and has advised 88 campaigns for U.S. Senate, Governor and Congress in 24 states. Most recently, he was Chair of the Southeast Region for the Bush-Cheney '04 and campaign manager in Georgia.

He served as a senior advisor to the campaign of President George W. Bush in 2000 and in 1994 he played a critical role in the election of the first Republican Congress in 40 years. In the 1980's he served as national executive director of the College Republicans and co-chairman of the youth effort for President Ronald Reagan. Reed is widely credited with giving voice to the "silent majority" which propelled Reagan to the White House

As executive director of the Christian Coalition in the 1990's, Reed built one of the most effective grassroots organizations in modern American politics. During his tenure, the organization's budget grew from $200,000 to $27 million, and its support base grew from two thousand to two million members and supporters in two thousand local chapters.

Recognized as one of the most important political strategists in America today, The Wall Street Journal called Reed "perhaps the finest political operative of his generation." Newsweek named Reed one of the top ten political newsmakers in the nation; Life named him as one of the 20 most influential leaders of the baby-boom generation and Time includes him as one of the 50 future leaders in the country.

Reed, as founder and president of the strategic marketing and public relations firm, Century Strategies, brings his national reputation, savvy, and organizational skills to bear in assuring that his political and corporate clients will achieve their public policy goals.

Reed grew up in Toccoa, Georgia, earned his B.A. from the University of Georgia, and his Ph.D. in History from Emory University. Reed and his wife, Jo Anne, live with their four children in Duluth, Georgia.

NOTE: Bio is as it appeared in the Forum program from April 22, 2005.