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Mitch Hurwitz

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Mitch Hurwitz is a television writer and producer, best known as the creator of the critically acclaimed and Emmy Award winning television sitcom Arrested Development. He is also the co-creator of The Ellen Show, and a contributor to The John Larroquette Show and The Golden Girls. He recently signed a multi-tier agreement with the Internet TV network Netflix to create and produce new original series.

Arrested Development premiered on Fox in 2003 to stunning reviews from television critics around the country, but the show was plagued by low ratings throughout its three-season run. In July 2004, the show was nominated for seven Primetime Emmy Awards and won five, including Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series, and Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series.

In the second season, ratings decreased further and the show was cut down to 18 episodes instead of the planned 22 episodes. Nevertheless, the show was still critically acclaimed and was nominated for 11 Emmy Awards.

In the show's third and final season on Fox, Hurwitz tried to keep Arrested Development on the air, but did not have the advertising funding to promote the series. The show was again cut down, from 18 episodes to 13. Fox announced the cancellation of the show before the production of the final five episodes.

After seven years off the air, Arrested Development returned for a 15-episode fourth season on the online movie and television streaming service Netflix on May 26, 2013.

About the resurrected Arrested Development series, Hurwitz said, "Don't feel compelled to watch it all at once. It's wonderful and flattering that anyone would want to - I don't take any of that for granted. But comedy requires something of the human body. I hope people are laughing, but you can get tired of laughing. So really, it's OK with us if you take your time. That's the whole thing with Netflix. Do with it what you want. It's yours now."