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Mario Cuomo

- Panelist Blurb

One of the nation's most celebrated speakers, Mario Cuomo, a man who "doesn't do lunch" was twice considered a candidate for President. Having served as New York's governor for three terms, he is known for his intelligent leadership, strong morals, commitment to the idea of" community," and for the following statement that has become his hallmark; " Of course we should have only the government we need, but we should insist on all the government we need."

Noted for developing the nation's most socially progressive legislation in New York, Mr. Cuomo expanded the state's capacity to deal effectively with both social and economic issues. He balanced twelve consecutive budgets, and half a million more New Yorkers set their alarm clocks for work when Mr. Cuomo was ushered out of office in 1994. Currently, Mr. Cuomo practices law, hosts a national radio talk show and recently completed his latest book entitled Reason to Believe.

NOTE: This bio appeared in the March 30, 1996 program for our "A Conversation Between Mario Cuomo and Jack Kemp" Forum.