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Chuck D

- Panelist Blurb

Carlton Douglas Ridenhour, known to most of the world as Chuck D., is the powerful chief voice behind the most renowned rap group, "Public Enemy." After 26 tours that have taken Public Enemy to 30 countries performing 1,800 shows, Chuck D. is taking time to build on the group's strengths.

His message of black self-improvement is consistent and well wrought, and he has personally dedicated this year to speaking to high school and community groups throughout the country-including Hartford's Weaver High School in January.

The 32 year old native Long Islander was among the first celebrities to commit investment capital and his name to the Black United Fund of New York's Development Corporation. The corporation aimed to raise 2.5 million in seed capital for affordable housing in Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx, expanding on their previous success with a similar program in Harlem. Chuck D. was named "Black History Maker of the Year" by Urban Profile magazine and has received the Chairman's Award at the 11th Annual Black Music & Media Awards, sponsored by Billboard magazine.

NOTE: Bio is as it appeared in the Forum playbill for "Focus on Race Relations" on May 22, 1993.