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Brandon Stanton

Creator of "Humans of New York" - Panelist Blurb

Brandon Stanton shares his journey of personal growth and discovery and uncovers the stories behind the stories featured on Humans of New York, powerfully illustrating the value of sharing your experiences.

As the founder of the street portrait blog, Humans of New York, Stanton has emerged as a worldwide internet phenomenon and one of today’s most influential storytellers. With millions of social media followers, his individual story, like those on Humans of New York, illustrates the power of the internet, the value of storytelling, and our desire to remain connected with real people in a tech-driven world.

Stanton's gift for storytelling has since spawned three #1 NYT best-selling books, Humans of New York, Humans of New York: Stories, and Humans, which was released in October, 2020.

Stanton candidly shares his own personal story and the perspective he has gained since embarking on his journey to help others tell theirs. Listeners take away a renewed appreciation for the power of one person and one idea to inspire millions, and encouragement to be a force for good and contribute something meaningful to the world.