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Andrew Sullivan is one of the most popular bloggers and provocative social and political commentators today. An essayist for TIME magazine, a columnist for theSunday Times of London and senior editor at The New Republic, he also is the editor of, a daily destination for readers seeking informed commentary on international affairs, domestic politics, religion and faith, culture and more. is a collection of Sullivan's columns and articles from major publications, links to noteworthy articles by other writers, and "The Daily Dish" — his incisive and blunt observations about current events and people in the news.

The former editor-in-chief of The New Republic, Sullivan was the youngest editor in its history and was acknowledged for making the magazine more relevant to readers of his generation. He stirred controversy with his widely influential critique of the Clinton health-care plan and the publication of Charles Murray's The Bell Curve. He is known for pioneering coverage of gay rights, the Supreme Court and affirmative action and his acclaimed reporting and writing on the Bosnian War.

Sullivan's critically-acclaimed landmark book, Virtually Normal: An Argument About Homosexuality, was the first to argue for civil marriage rights for gay couples. He is also the author of Love Undetectable: Notes on Friendship, Sex and Survival.

A devout Catholic, Sullivan has challenged the Church's position on gay life and has written extensively on the crisis in the Church.

His articles have appeared in The New Republic, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post and Esquire. In addition to extensive publications, Sullivan is a regular guest on The Chris Matthews Show, Charlie Rose, Meet The Press, and NPR's Fresh Air.

A native of England, Sullivan came to the U.S. on a Harkness Fellowship, the British equivalent of the Rhodes Scholarship. He holds an M.A. in Public Administration from Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government and also a Ph.D in political philosophy from Harvard. He earned his undergraduate degree at Oxford, where he honed his speaking skills as President of the Oxford Student Union, the debating and political center of the University.

NOTE: Bio is as it appeared in the Forum program from October 13, 2006.