8:00 PM at The Bushnell

The World of Sports

Its Beauty, Corruption and Power

Colin Cowherd Colin Cowherd
Tedy Bruschi Tedy Bruschi
Rebecca Lobo Rebecca Lobo
William Rhoden William Rhoden
Moderated By Linda Cohn
Linda Cohn

Why does the institution of sports have such an enormous influence on our lives? What does it say about us that our team allegiances are so powerful that they define us, alienate us, and bring us together?

Since when did illegal, unethical and unsportsmanlike behavior by athletes, coaches, fans and entire institutions simply become "part of the game"? Is it winning at any cost? Or are we winning at every cost?

This no-holds-barred and timely conversation will take a look at ourselves and the social, institutional and economic power of sports.

*We regret that Urban Meyer has had to cancel his participation in the upcoming Connecticut Forum due to an unavoidable conflict with an Ohio State event.