• Introduce self and topic; tell group the outline of the discussion schedule; see outline above.
  • In groups where participants do not know each other, use instructions or icebreaker to facilitate participation in the discussion; connections among participants may encourage participants to decide to take action steps with others after the discussion ends
  • In small groups, people can say their name and where they live, or their organizational affiliation. Or use an icebreaker.
  • Keep introductions brief, but encourage people to speak slowly and loudly enough so that others can hear
  • In large groups use an icebreaker from page 9. Tell people to go meet someone they don’t know. They may need encouragement. Once they start to talk there is likely to be a buzz of noise as they relax. Call the group back together when the noise level starts to die down. If people are very engaged in conversation, after about 5 minutes, apologize for breaking up a great conversation but call them back together for the discussion.

You have done all of the prep work. Now it’s time to see how it goes.