Flip A Card to Begin Your Discussion...

What are the goals of the CT YOUTH Forum?

The mission of the YF is to bring teenagers together through discussion and action while providing opportunities for growth and exploration.  Each year, this youth-driven program empowers over 700 urban, suburban and rural youth through civil dialogue, service learning, and leadership development activities.

There are a few ground rules that all participating teenagers and adult facilitators agree to honor during YF events and discussions. Before each YOUTH Forum meeting starts, 10 students are selected to read the ten core values of the YOUTH Forum.

1. We value EVERYONE’s contribution.
2. We encourage others who are brave enough to speak up.
3. We respect those who choose to listen and not speak.
4. We listen with an open mind and full attention.
5. We ask questions of and respond to each other.
6. We are kind. So, say what you mean, but don’t say it mean!
7. We don’t put ourselves or others down.
8. We accept ourselves and each other for who we are.
9. We don’t gossip. Outside of here, we talk about what was discussed, but we don’t use names.
10. We learn from each other and know that learning can happen anytime and anywhere.
11. We connect and have fun!

This kit will help you lead a discussion on violence and cruelty that may concern you and your community. This “how to” manual guides you through, step-by-step, setting up a discussion, publicizing it, and managing it.

This kit can also be used during the Connecticut YOUTH Forum’s R.I.S.E. Above campaign.

The goal of RISE is for schools to feel safer and more secure, free of fear, and that learning will be made easier because of students being actively involved in violence prevention efforts.

Take the pledge today!

I pledge to
• RESPECT everyone that I meet, and
• INTERVENE whenever I can, to
• SUPPORT those in need of my help, and
• EMPOWER our school to end all forms of violence.