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2012-2013 Season

Time to Imagine and Think about Technology, Science, Design and the Future

Presenting Sponsor: AETNA

Saturday, December 1, 2012

8:00pm at The Bushnell

Moderated By:

Host of WNPR’s "Where We Live"

The Most Popular Astrophysicist in the Universe

Cult Figure in Modern Comics, Author of Coraline, Stardust & The Sandman series

Cutting Edge Designer, Mediated Matter Director at MIT Media Lab, One of Esquire’s “Best and Brightest”

This live, unscripted panel conversation brings together a diverse group of popular experts, each with their own unique field of study and view of the world. The Forum will be fast paced and surprising, as deGrasse Tyson, Gaiman and Oxman discuss their own work, and so much more… technology, science, design, new ideas, our changing world and possibilities for our future. Bring your sense of wonder to this conversation with big thinkers and visionary minds.

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