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2012-2013 Season

Exploring Rights, Roles, Politics and Power

Friday, October 12, 2012

8:00pm at The Bushnell

Moderated By:

Host of NPR’s Tell Me More

Feminist Pioneer, Leader for Women's Rights and Equality

Actress, Humanitarian, Activist

Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist & Author, Powerful Voice for all Women

Political Analyst, Advocate, Founder, Bernard Center for Women, Politics & Public Policy

What are the most important issues facing women today? What does it mean to be a feminist in 2012? 

The rights and roles of women are at the forefront of political and cultural debate. The myth of "having it all" sparks a passionate response from working women and stay-at-home mothers alike. Issues of reproductive rights and gender equality are in the headlines every day. And politicians are spending more time discussing women's issues than they have in years. Where will this lead? Is there a war on women? 

Bring your mother, sisters, daughters and friends for this timely and powerful conversation with an iconic and expert panel. 

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