“Women shouldn’t apologize for existing, for asking questions, for taking up space.” – Roxane Gay

“What makes the difference in leadership teams is diversity. All the research shows it. Hands down.” – Sallie Krawcheck

“The most important think young women can do is vote.” – Cecile Richards

Thank you for joining us for a powerful and inspiring conversation at Women Rising, the first Forum of our 27th Forum Season!


WATCH! Cecile Richards, Roxane Gay, and Sallie Krawcheck discuss women and power in 2018.

“I have never seen the kind of power and outrage and just flat out agitation among women in this country…and it is really exciting.”  – Cecile Richards

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Roxane Gay and Cecile Richards

Roxane Gay and Cecile Richards take a selfie before The Forum begins.


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Photo of dinner guests at Women Rising

Guests at the exclusive cocktail reception and dinner for Women Rising.


United Technologies, Host of Women Rising

UConn School of Business, Dinner Host

And hats off to our amazing Forum Family: our subscribers, donors, sponsors, volunteers and all of you in the audience and behind the scenes who helped make this event possible!