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Bourdain v. Waters or Books v. Butter

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Several months ago, DCist published an interview with Anthony Bourdain, in which he took Bay Area chef Alice Waters to task for aggressively pushing organic, local foods (that tend to be pricey) during the middle of a recession. Bourdain later followed up, twice, making sure to mention that he felt bad about his statements against "Saint Alice." He said that he was prepared to eat humble pie when he would share the stage with her and Charm City Cakes' Duff Goldman, during a panel discussion sponsored by the Connecticut Forum.

The event finally happened last week, but the interview didn't come up. Instead, Waters and Bourdain danced around the topic of local food prices and the recession, without ever fully addressing it.

Even so, the video above highlights plenty of conflict in their respective belief systems. Waters makes clear that she is driven by idealism, while Bourdain focuses on that which is easily obtainable and pleasurable. For instance, when Waters suggests providing a free healthy breakfast, lunch and snack to every child, Bourdain counters that he puts "literacy above that as a priority."